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Standout Balance

measure, analyse, improve

Smart balance board with embedded wireless sensors

Mobile apps and services for consumers and professionals


Training, rehabilitation and injury prevention, and functional activity maintenance

Developed together with physiotherapists and researchers


Mobile apps: Standout Balance, Standout Team, Standout Party


Standout Team

A professional testing app for teams

Test and data collection for sports teams, physical coaches, and physiotherapists


Data collection and analysis with a cloud service

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Standout Party

Connect two balance boards for a game!

Balance game for training 


Excellent for events or team training


Challenge your team mates on Standout Party


Cast on a big screen such as TV

Why Balance Skills Are Critical

  • Balance is an essential skill that is learned in childhood and needs to be maintained and improved throughout the life.

  • It is a key component of fitness and functional ability. 

  • Balance training improves proprioception/body awareness which is important for injury recovery and prevention.

  • Balance skills are essential for the health and performance of everyone. 

  • Good balance is needed to do just about everything. 

Why balance matters

Balance Training and Wellness

  • Balance training and assessment is used commonly in physiotherapy and sports training for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance improvement.

    • Evidence based practice for treating and preventing ankle sprains (the most common sports injury)

    • Improve many other sport injuries and issues such as back pains 

  • Balance skill maintenance and improvement is essential in preventing fall injuries among seniors.

  • Balance skill level can be measured.

Standout Balance Benefits

  • Developed and designed together with physiotherapists

  • Standout Balance provides benefits for consumers beyond other balance exercise alternatives

    • Guided exercises and training programs 

    • Feedback of the progress

    • Balance skill level tests

    • Games

  • For the professionals

    • Custom workouts and training programs

    • Mobile and cost efficient testing

    • Group tests, data collection and analysis

Why Standout Balance

Who Benefits

  • All active persons practicing sports or physical activities 

  • Persons with sports injuries. Especially ankle sprains which are the most common sports injury

  • Ball sports, running, tennis, golf (performance improvement)

  • Board sports - skating, surfing, snowboarding (skill improvement)

  • Yoga, Pilates 

  • Elderly (fall prevention, functional ability)



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Smartifier LLC is a Finnish high-tech company. We are located in Finland (Espoo) and China (Shenzhen).


The company focuses on designing and manufacturing products with embedded wireless sensors for healthcare, sports and wellness. We have a track record of developing smart HW/SW products for major companies.  


We are focusing now on smart training and rehabilitation products using Bluetooth, sensors and smartphone applications.

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